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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

You are not prepared?

No Illidan, I'm not!

Hey all,

With the announcement of patch 5.2 coming ever closer, (2 weeks away it has been reported - eek!) I think it's definately time to prepare, and rather quickly. The list grows longer every day of what I had hoped to have ready, but so far it's looking like this;

My lil hunter :D
  1. Get lady wolfy raid ready - We were discussing this in guild chat yesterday and its been reported that the item level that is going to be required is 480, or around that number at least. I am currently at 476, so need some luck next week! Will keep my fingers crossed.
  2. Level my Hunter alt - As mentioned in a previous post, I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on the new pet Pierre, and it is the Engineers who would otherwise be getting spammed for their cooldown materials, unless I can get my hunter levelled asap as she is an engineer. Personally I doubt I will be able to, but we shall see! She is level 10 by the way.. ¬.¬
  3. Get all reputations maxed - Another aspect I have been slacking on, since switching characters I have had to re-do the factions and so far, its only Klaxxi, Tilers and Cloud Serpents which are maxed. Still honored with Golden Lotus so I haven't even started August Celestials and Shado-Pan! Really need to knuckle down and get those Golden Lotus dailies done each day, even though they are the worst ones :( 
  4. Professions - Again with switching to my wolfy, I haven't got cooking, first aid, archaeology but most importantly fishing, and with the new fishing pets this is a MUST!
Sure its only four points, but MAJOR time consuming points. Will be a challenge, but I say bring it!



  1. I'm pondering these sorts of things with the switch to my Mage. Fear my Priest will still be my main in spirit for certain things (rep achievement), but I'd like to do a few things on my Mage like cooking and fishing, which I started on earlier, and christ help me, dailies for the coins.

  2. Yep it's the same for my priest, she has the majority of the achievements and things, it's just annoying to have to do them again on this XD