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Monday, 4 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 14

14. How much of your playtime is devoted to gold making? Do you raid/pvp/pet battle too or is the AH your main playtime?

I wouldn't say a major amount of time was spent at the AH during the day, but at the start and end of the day I usually check/re-post/collect the dosh, or if I have sent LOADS over to my bank I will check it midday too just to keep on top of things and clear out a full mailbox.

I don't raid currently, but I do my dailies and pet hunting/battling which takes up most of my day, but I do look forward to my auction house time when its due. I have also on occasion used the WoW app on my phone to collect gold if I have been out and unable to log in, so theres a little bit more time spent concerned over my auctions.

Got my mind on my money, as the achievement goes!


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