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Friday, 22 February 2013

What would you like to see in WoW 1 year from now?

Hey all,

I've been thinking recently about things in game that have changed so dramatically, and only now are we seeing things get back to 'normal' e.g the Stormwind gates are apparently fully fixed in the next patch (Get your screenshots of Deathwings destruction now!) Personally I wouldn't have seen any of this coming, as dramatically as it has been I mean, and it got me thinking of where WoW might be in another years time. Whats the next 'evil' to spread through Azeroth? It may have already been said by Blizzard and I have missed it due to not wanting to read too many spoilers, I know of a certain Orc who is, up and coming so to speak, but other than that, I'm not sure where Blizzard will go with the next expansion. I'm hoping Blizzcon will have some sort of announcement!



  1. Hmm. This is a really good question. I'm sure we'll learn a lot at Blizzcon this year. I hope they return to a threat that's WoW. Don't get me wrong, I love Pandaren, but perhaps something with the Burning Legion and/or Scourge?

    1. oooo yeah! They've left Bolvar doing his thing for a while, maybes someone should check in on him? ;) Definately need the scourge to come back in some shape or form.