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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - WoW Collections/Hoarding!

or should that be HORDEing... moving swiftly on!

Hey all!

I spotted a few people on my blogroll had participated in a new Blog Azeroth shared topic, and thought I had to get in on some of that! The topic in question is;

World of Warcraft has added many different items for players to collect, whether it be collecting pets, mounts, transmog gear or knickknacks about the lore. This week’s topic asks what you do collect in the game and what is your prized item from that collection?

Well where do I begin..

1. PETS! - WOW /shock that I would mention pets as my top answer. Seriously though, I have collected pets for a good while now, before the hype of Battle Pets came along, a good friend of mine, Jaedia, introduced me to it properly. I would say sometime in TBC was the start of it! I had the odd pet, from vendors or quest rewards, but I actively/desperately wasn't checking auction houses, ebay and forums for pets as I do now. The introduction of the TCG pets and the battle pets has definately increased the amount of people collecting, by a huge amount, and I just hope they continue to meet the demand by bringing plenty out each patch/expansion.

Finally got him!
2. Achievements - I suppose its a collection right? I like to do the achievements, mainly the professions ones, but in general any achievement is always nice to have, especially the ones with rewards. Loved the Raiding with Leashes achievement, and hope Blizz introduce more of these raid pets.

3. Transmog gear - I wasn't terribly bothered when I played my priest, but now that I have plate to be concerned with, and how amazing most of the plate stuff looks, its become a mini obsession, and to make things worse, I was introduced to Mogit recently, so many shiny plate pieces to obtain.I'm still working on my red plate set as of now, and hopefully will be lucky and get some drops sometime soon.

These are the main areas I focus on, I like mounts too, but I'm not really bothered if I get them or not, think this is down to being used to going mount hunting with my boyfriend who is a collector of them, so even if one dropped, no chance I would roll against him ;) I would love to get the panther mounts though! Kitties :D



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