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Monday, 18 November 2013

Where it all began

I started playing WoW back in 2005, and things were very different in those days! I was recommended the game by a friend from another game, Phantasy Star Online (gamecube version!) and he played on the Horde side, so naturally I started there.

I started life as an undead rogue, then quickly switched to an undead warlock. I really wasn't comfortable with the characters I had picked, and after a couple of weeks, asked my friend how I would become 'the one from the front of the WoW box' aka a Night Elf.

He explained that we wouldn't be able to play together, so initially my Nelf was supposed to be an alt, but eventually I ended up playing her more and my friend also quit playing. I made a Night Elf Hunter, Kaitlyn, and had my trusty pet tiger, Fluffling, by my side. I didn't raid in original WoW, our guild ran a lot of dungeons, most of which Fluffling would tank, and back in those days, I was very fond of using my melee weapon and Raptor Strike, so embarrassing looking back! I was growing tired of my hunter after a while, as you do, and that's when my Priest was made.

I have had a Priest character since vanilla, she was officially my 4th character, but really my 2nd main character. Basically our guild needed a healer, and combined with my interest in hunters fading, I thought I'd give it a go. Levelling up was extremely slow and very very difficult, since I was holy the whole time, and considering what spells and talents were available back then, any sort of DPS in holy spec didn't exist. Smite, smite, smite, smite, smite, smite, smite, smite, smite and pray that its dead and then drink after every monster to replenish mana. It was a very slow process, but I did manage it in the end! Ding 60!

My main memory from playing my Priest at level 60 was definitely the day my friend Ryyu got me a spot in another guilds Molten Core run to get me started with obtaining my very own Benediction, the weapon that every priest wanted so so badly. Our guild at the time only did the 5man dungeons pretty much on repeat, and we would join UBRS 15 man pugs if they were going. Oh the memories of 15man UBRS's...hell springs to mind.

When Burning Crusade hit, I did continue with my priest, but by then, the allure of possibly changing to a Horde character had sunk in, not helped by friends on that side asking me to join them also. At the time, faction changes didn't exist, so I had to purchase a second copy of original WoW and burning crusade in order to level on the same server, but on the opposite side. Nevertheless, I did it, but not as a Priest, but as a Blood Elf Rogue, revisiting the first class I played. Of course I had withdrawal from my Priest so naturally I made another one, my Blood Elf, Kaitz and I faced another 1-70 grind as holy. At the end of Burning Crusade, I had again switched back to my Alliance priest, and by this time my boyfriend had seen me play the game for a while and decided to join me and get an account of his own. After raiding SSC, MH and a little of Black Temple we were pretty confident that this was where we would be for the remaining part of the expansion and life was good. However, another switch happened sooner rather than later when we went on holiday and came back to discover our guild had disbanded.

My boyfriend and I made a new start when Wrath of the Lich King came out, well I had my priest at level 70, but he joined me on the horde side as a Deathknight. I stayed Horde right through Wrath, Cataclysm and until I made my current main, Severiti, half way through Mists, switching sides once more. Sadly horde Kaitz still sits benched, waiting for that day that I will no doubt switch sides.. again.

The changes in all classes is staggering when you think back to what was available to us in the original game, but I think Priests have had a nice gradual progression, and I love the variety of things that can be done with them now. The whole Holy vs Discipline argument has always cropped up, especially when I have the idea that Holy was and always will be the ONLY spec to go, but each to their own right? ;D ha ha!

When I recently switched to the Alliance, I managed to resurrect my original character, formally known as Kaitie, to be transferred to Ghostlands and become part of my WoW game once more. This is my current transmog, thanks to the Black Market Auction House and its ability to give players the chance on tier 3. Of course I use Benediction also, can't imagine a time when I won't use it for transmog to be honest :)

and that's my WoW history!

What about you guys? If you have written about it already, send me a link to your blog, its always fascinating to see where people started and where they are today.


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