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Friday, 30 November 2012

My quest for Mr Bigglesworth..

started this weekend! My progress is as follows:

I was really suprised at how easy my priest could handle Naxxramas, sure its two expansions behind, but I'm still pretty squishy at the best of times, so was quite pleased to find how easy is was, and was rewarded the Fungal Abomination from Loatheb. The other two pets from Naxxramas are the Stitched Pup from Gluth and the Giant Bone Spider from Maexxna. 1/3 here!

I travelled next to Ahn'quiraj, and this was a totally different story. The Mini Mindslayer will not be a problem to get if I used my priest, however the Anubisath Idol and the Viscidus Globule are a different story. I remembered that Viscidus had a particular tactic where it needed to have Frost spells cast on it to freeze it and then it could be killed. I assumed that they might have taken this mechanic out now that you do not have to be in a raid group to enter these old instances, but I was mistaken and had to leave that one. My lil worgen DK can have a go at that one later! The last remaining pet, Anubisath Idol, drops from the Emperor Twins encounter and being alone, and the mechanic of them having to be kept seperate did not go down so well, so will need to ask for help on that one. 0/3 here :(

Next I took a trip to Blackrock Mountain, to venture into Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. The boss Magmadar drops the Corefire Imp, Goremagg drops the Ashstone Core and Sulfuron Harbringer drops the Harbringer of Flame. Pretty straight forward, no problems with these bosses and was rewarded the Ashstone Core. 1/3.

Last stop was Blackwing Lair, and I had a bad first try on Razorgore, thinking I could just kill it, but I forgot about killing all the eggs in the room, that one hurt... but second go and he was down. The next boss I killed before I died from his debuff so had to run in, but at least it was dead and I could continue. The slloooooowwwww run through the nasty smoke and I arrive at Broodlord Lashlayer and he rewards me with the Death Talon Whelpguard. Only one boss left, Chromaggus and I was really really hoping he would drop the pet, this would mean I would only have to do first boss and then I would be done with Blackwing Lair drops, mainly avoiding the slow gas room, and it dropped! Chrominius, my favourite so far. 2/3.

So 4 on my first raid runs isn't so bad I think!

I have also caught the Arcane Eye from Deadwind pass and the Eternal Strider from The Vale of Eternal Blossoms in the past 2 days, and my current pet total is 458. Slowly creeping up, can't wait for 500!


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