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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

400 :D

Hey all :)

Finally reached my 400 pets goal, woohoo! Feels good to have got there, but it doesnt stop at 400! Plenty more to catch and to get back to no.1 on my realm on warcraft pets, I need to get a lead that no-one can beat! Still also got plenty of pet battling achievements to do so that will keep me busy.

So its wednesday, another new raiding week and the first part of Heart of Fear is available to do as Looking for Raid, which personally, I think could have been put off a couple of weeks, things feel a little rushed again in my opinion. <Dice> are currently 3/6 in Heart of Fear, and had a 7.5% try on the 4th boss, so very very nearly there! Can't wait till we clear it and we can get started on some Heroic progress.

Still hunting those rares for the two pets, Aqua Strider and Grinder, thankfully Vashj is a low populated server so I have a decent chance of being able to get to these spawns without too much competition. Seen Grinder on the auction house a couple of times, but wheres the fun in that? Love the chase of a new pet! I've also collected enough tokens to get the new Darkmoon Hatchling which comes with 5.1 soon, so remember to keep 90 tokens back! It's just like the little Mulgore hatchling which I think is adorable anyway, but the purple and green mount I have always admired, so a pet version is perfect <3!

That's pretty much all my news for today, except this last little picture, found him wandering in Kun'lai, a nice tribute to Lonesome George the tortoise/turtle.



  1. Gratz on getting 400 pets!!! I've recently started blogging, found your blog last week and have been keeping an eye-out for this achievement ever since :) I too am a pet collector but am stuck on around 305-310 unique pets with no game time :(

  2. So sorry I didn't see your comment! I must find a setting which tells me I have new comments!

    Thankyou for the grats :D I have been pushing myself to keep going to get 400, was quite a hard task to be honest when the majority of pets are different variations of spiders and roaches lol

    Good luck with the Pet Hunting :)