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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dance! Boogie Wonderland

Ha HA!

That was for the Earth, Wind and Fire fans, and also to introduce my elemental themed topic... featuring the Pandaren Spirit Trainers!

We have the Flowing Spirit in the Dread Wastes, the Burning Spirit in Townlong Steppes, the Thundering Spirit just north east of Shrine of Two Moons in The Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Whispering Spirit in the Jade Forest. You first pick up the quest on the platform outside your factions Shrine town in the vale, and have to defeat each Spirit in order to unlock these as daily trainers to battle. They each have 3 legendary pets, all having a pet version of themselves, which is from the elemental pet family, not much fun for my Mini Thor!

So after a good few pet bandages, I complete the quest, and get the achievement and 5 points. You also get the choice to pick one of the Spirit pets. I personally went for the fire one, since it looks like a kitty. You can get all four so do not panic! The other three you will have to battle the spirit trainers daily in order to get a pet supplies bag which has a chance of containing one of them. You can cage them, so no doubt that these pets will be on the auction house very soon.

Happy battling!


Current Pet Total: 450!

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