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Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday monday...

bah bahhhh bah bah bah bah~...First monday song that popped into my head! 

Anyway.. Hello :D Haven't posted for a few days, blame free listing weekend on ebay for that!

SO whats been happening?! I have just caught up with the warcraftpets news. Firstly nice to see you can go ahead and pre-order your digital copy of SC2: Heart of Swarm and you can get the pet Baneling as soon as you do so! Nice for those who are not bothered so much with actual collectors edition art books and goodies. I did this myself for MoP, it was either get the digital copy to go for my realm firsts or wait for my actual Collectors Edition and get the goodies and no realm firsts. So technically I did the correct thing and I can still pick up a collectors edition copy to keep, but irl funds say no at the moment! Maybes one for the xmas list! I will be waiting for the actual collectors edition for HotS though, definately looks too cool to not get!

Guild news includes <Dice> now being 4/4 in Terrace of Endless Springs. We then also went and kicked Elegon HC in Mogu'shan! so now 4/6 heroic Mogu'shan! Fantastic stuff! Congrats guys <3 We are currently 906 in the world, 559 in europe and 235 EU english! :>>>>>>

To follow our guild progress, check us out on wowprogress!

Pet news now, and I am currently at 430 pets! I have to thank my guildies Devilisha and Bobanbeer for donating and (through force) selling the Rare monster pet drops, Grinder and the Aqua Strider. Thankyouuuuu

That's all for now!


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