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Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember remember...

the 5th of November! Can't believe its nearly a week again since I've posted! Very very sorry for that :(

So last time I was discussing the new raid, Heart of Fear, with it just being released last wednesday. As soon as we got in, it felt like a proper raid. Mogu'shan is of course a proper raid in its own right, but I think HoF has that edge to it, that 'evil' aura around it.

So we went and cleared the first two bosses on heroic in Mogu'shan and headed straight for HoF, and we got the first boss down in the first 3-4 tries. Theres some really great mechanics in the fight, he has 2 phases technically, but he moves around before phase 2 hits. He has 3 platforms where he has different abilities which are the typical mind control in a boss fight, which features on many many bosses, but it fits more with the mantid, from doing the Klaxxi quests and mind control being used there too, its a good link to it. Theres a 'dodge it' mechanic, which is taken from the Atrimedes encounter, the yellow rings/sound waves which you have to dodge, and then theres the aoe massive damage platform, but you get some help in the form of shields which reduce this, giving us healers a chance! Once he has done these, he moves to the middle of the room, where he gains all three of these moves, so you never know which order they will come in, just have to react asap. Really good, interesting fight, having to move around and take notice of where he's standing to prepare for the abilities.

The next boss we didn't manage to kill on wednesday, but on thursday we took him out in the first 1-2 tries, and again this boss is really fun. Has the tornado abilities that the rare mantid monsters have, but magnified, and has the fun mechanic of running against the wind and dodging the tornados that come at you (even though I died from this - oops!). Theres not much room for error during that, you step ever so slightly too close and you get scooped up into the tornado and taken back to the start, annoying when that happens, but hopefully that was my first and last time of doing that!

Onto the third boss next, Garalon, a huuuuuge beetle with some good, yet annoying mechanics. It's one of those fights that when you get into it, it becomes second nature to move in a certain time and pattern, but firstly learning those steps took a good few tries. Thankfully theres a mechanic I am not involved in, which is a debuff switcher and carrier, as it sounded far too complicated for me and also my healing would definately have been impaired due to it, and theres enough of that needed to begin with! Sadly I could not make the raid last night, and tonights aswell, so cannot join on the tries, but hopefully he'll be down when I go back there :D


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