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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Empress DOWN! 6/6 HoF Normal

Woohoo! <Dice> join the 6/6 Heart of Fear normal club!

Firstly I love the Empress's look, with her Sha like limbs, and its a bit different to other models we've seen, sure theres been plenty of beetles and things, and I mean plenty! I really like this one, thumbs up to Blizz for it! I'm quite gutted that I got the digital copy of the Collectors Edition now, the actual copy would have included the art book, and I always love looking through that. Think a trip over to Ebay may be in order!

Was actually a pretty straight forward fight, I like the mechanics of the amber traps and the fields on the floor, I was actually a little worried about these when I was first reading the tactics. Was an absolute breeze once you have the fight pattern down.

Also this week, we scooted on over to Mogu'shan Vaults and managed to get Gara'jal HC down! He's proven a bit of a bugger when we've tried previously, I honestly thought I would never get to go and kill him as we had tried a set up with didn't require a holy priest /sadface, however, I went Discipline and smited the hell out of him! Was a nice change to be honest and kinda fun to actually see a fight, rather than my Grid bars! So thats been a lovely boost for the guild, 3/6 there, hopefully next week some progress on Spirit Kings to make it 4/6. Before we get there though, this Wednesday is New Raid Wednesday, again, which brings us Terrace of Endless Spring, looking forward to that!

Last piece of news for now, and a massive thanks and much love to my lovely guildmate, Devilisha, who donated his Darkmoon Rabbit to my collection! I will treasure it forever <3 Thankyouuuuuuu!


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