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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gotta farm 'em all!

With hearing the news of the next mount achievement target, it has spurred alot of people to try and get as many mounts as possible to hit the 200 target asap, or if your like me and weren't really fussed about mounts but would like them in your collection anyway, highlighted that there are some mounts that I could be grinding and that I am not.

My current list stands at:

A'lar from Kael'thas in Tempest Keep
Blue Proto Drake from Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle (heroic only)
Vitreous Stone Drake from Slabhide in The Stonecore (on both normal and heroic)
Drake of the North Wind from Altarius  in The Vortex Pinnacle (on both normal and heroic)
White Hawkstrider from Kael'thas in Magister's Terrace (heroic only)
Panther from Zul'Gurub from High Priestess Kilnara (heroic only)
Armored Razzashi Raptor from Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul'Gurub ( heroic only) - {Can't solo /cry}

I have been running Tempest Keep for a few weeks and sadly no drop as of yet, but definately want to try and get into the habit of running the other dungeons as much as possible with the hope of perhaps increasing my chances on getting the Armored Dragonhawk.

/pawsandclawscrossed ;D Though I think Ryyus may murder me if I managed to get any of these..


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