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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This week has flown by!

Hey everyone!

Can't believe its been a week since I posted!
RL things getting in the way of my WoW time again but hoping to play catch up this next week with various achievements I have on my mind at the moment.

In other news... We finally killed Horridon - YAY!

He's such a meanie, well his adds are, he is absolutely fine. Those adds are a right pain in the bum, but our lovely guildies got the disrupting/silencing to perfection on the second door, tanks got the hang of swapping from adds to boss and healers did a grand job keeping us all alive, all of that can only result in a dead dino!

Big grats everyone <3 Onwards to Council!

I also managed to pluck up the courage to go to LFR, the new part of Throne of Thunder, which in the end wasn't too bad, but there's alot going on with all those bosses! I didn't read the tactics before queueing but thankfully the other tank had been before, otherwise that would have been one hell of a mess. Fun bosses, however I bet they are horriblly mean on normal mode, but I am hoping we get to them someday and experience it!

Other news follows on from a previous post, concerning upgrading all my wild pets to rares, and I have managed to complete that in one zone so far, Dread Wastes. It felt great to complete a zone, and really hoping I can strike lucky in more zones very very soon to further my pet score on WarcraftPets.

A new WoWing week starts tomorrow and the last part of Throne of Thunder LFR opens up, looking forward to trying Lei Shen!



  1. Congrats on the new kill. I found the hardest rare for me was the Coral Adder (in all of Pandaria) but I think they might have increased the rares in a recent hotfix since I've seeing more rares in general.

    1. Thanks! Was a really good fight once we got the hang of it! Pet wise I am having the same kind of trouble with the Bandicoon Kit, but hoping to get him asap! I have noticed theres more rares, but sadly all the ones I have!

  2. Grats on that kill Kaitz! I remember the relief of killing it. I still have so many unupgraded pets... I should go back and do that.

    1. Thanks! It's such a pain to get the Horridon dance right, and also a pain having to upgrade these pets haha!