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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Wonderful Whizzig of WoW!

and he is indeed rather wonderful!

Whilst scooting around the Isle in the search for rares, I saw a familiar symbol on my map that there was an event occurring, but had never witnessed it in this location.

I immediately investigate to discover an NPC called Whizzig mounted upon a large snail! TOTALLY want a snail mount now, but this is nothing compared to what he sells! I knew they had implemented some accessories for Perky Pug, but never really enquired or read anything about where and how you get them, but finally I know he answer and it lies with Whizzig.

Thankfully the accessories don't cost too many coins, I mean really they could have charged 5000 coins and I'd have still bought them, but I like 500 a lot more. It's nice to see that you can get the Magical Pet Biscuits here too, should I ever run out I know I can get some from Whizzig. There is also a pattern for scribes to get, Glyph of Shifted Appearances.

Now to the main feature... BEHOLD THE CUTENESS!

So amazing! I really hope they introduce these for other pets very very soon! My favourite has to be the pirate hat, and to honor Perky's newly found pirate status, we went on an adventure to kill Dread Ship Vazuvius!


Whizzig wasn't around for very long, so if you do happen to be lucky and find him, make sure to rush over and see him before he disappears and stock up on hats for Perky!



  1. Great pics. I thought the same thing about the pirate hat.

    I made a video early on to feature all the outfits. Very cute!

  2. Whizzig is brilliant! I think it was an awesome idea on Blizz's behalf to introduce the hats. So far Charles (my pug) has only had the pirate hat, he looked awesome. I'm thinking princess next - not sure how much he'll appreciate it though...