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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hearthstone Invite!

Well, here's me sitting worrying that I haven't had any decent news to blog about for a good while.. until I receive a Hearthstone Beta invitiation email! Wahoo! I've heard only good things about it, so was hoping I would get an invite, but never thought I actually would.

Also been trying to think of a post I can use the following screenies in, so I think Blizzard must have read my mind and realised I NEEDED a code. Not sure how long these NPCs have been in the game, but only noticed them yesterday whilst running around in Shrine. 

Just installing now, so will post my findings very soon!



  1. Wooo gratz! I got my email invite today - it's all downloaded and ready to go so thats the rest of my weekend sorted. I think those NPCs were added with the last patch :)