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Friday, 25 October 2013

Batinna's Dress Up Transmog Challenge!

I know, I know! I'm a little late to the party, well very late.. but better late than never right?

I saw on a few of my favourite blogs that they were taking part in a transmog challenge set up by Batinna. Firstly *yay* a new blog to add to my roll, but secondly what a fantastic list of transmog ideas shes put together! I can't wait to get stuck into these, but I will stick to the order and start with....

Poor: Having little money and/or few possessions

What a sad wolf she is! Not in her lovely matching plate anymore :< I actually ended up going for cloth items, since the leather, mail and plate choices were quite brightly coloured compared, and I wanted something which was plain and also with a worn look to it.

I set myself a budget for this outfit for a maximum of 30g, and managed to come in at 26g and 45s. It only consists of two pieces, couldn't believe some of the prices of the items, but I guess the rise of transmog is to be thanked for this.

The items I used are:

Disciple's Vest of Intellect
Spellbinder Pants

The next dress up challenge is Pirate, will have LOTS of fun with this :D



  1. That rough and ready poor look really suits your Worgen.

  2. When I made my #dressPoor I was going to set a budget for my outfit but the prices on my servers AH were ridiculous!! I'm not sure I'd have got one item for 30g let alone two. Worgens do look good in rugged clothing.