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Monday, 7 October 2013

Hearthstone: My initial thoughts!

My last post highlighted that I was lucky enough to receive a Hearthstone beta invitation and since then have played a couple of times and I really enjoy it!

When it first started up, I loved the animation of the deck box and was frantically clicking to start the game. I was extremely sad to hear the news when it was announced that the TCG game was coming to an end, not that I collected them, but because I loved the artwork on each card, and thankfully I now have a resource where I can appreciate it again!

Gameplay wise its pretty easy really, mainly because theres hints and tips floating around everywhere! However, each game is different, as cards come out at different times, its not guaranteed that on the third turn you will get card A, so I like the mix up of things your able to do on the spot.

I wasn't totally happy on the Dwarf voiceover between matches, it felt a bit too cartoony, so I'm hoping I do get over that aspect. I do love the battle talk between characters when your playing though, Jaina is one fierce lady! She was having none of it, especially when Hemet Nessingwary called her pretty!

I have only just managed to defeat Illidan, and practice mode has been opened up to me to defeat other classes and gain some exp. So will hopefully make some more progress on it soon. So far though, its a big thumbs up from me! :D


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