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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gotta catch some more!

Hey all!

Some more pet news via warcraftpets has revealed new achievements and new wild pets being added in patch 5.1.

There will be a new achievement called "Classic Raid Collector" and this means that old classic WoW bosses will drop pets. What a fantastic idea! Firstly I wanted a good reason to have to go back and do old content other than for 'old times sake' but the most important thing about this news is that finally I can own my own Mr.Bigglesworth <3 Can't wait!

I have also been checking up on Ebay for the new pet via the Trading card game, The Eye of the Legion, which comes from the new card set War of the Ancients. Of course theres a new mount with this set also, but no doubt that will be £100+ on ebay, I can only hope that they come available via the black market auction house soon.


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