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Monday, 24 September 2012

Realm Firsts!!!!!

Well it wasn't what I was expecting!

I started out hoping to get Realm First Fishing, like I have done previous when wotlk came out. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough with skill points to get that one. So the next best thing was to make sure a friend got a realm first. My friend, Noktharos, wanted to get realm first cooking. After some research, we did some dailies and quickly fished to get him up to 600 skill, in record time of only around 2 hours!!! Congratulations Nokky <3

Disheartened by my lack of my fishing realm first, my new task was to go for archaeology!! AND I GOT IT :D I was extremely shocked that no-one else had thought to go for it, or had beaten me to it. Extremely pleased :)

I would have then gone on to do some pet battling, but that at the moment seems bugged, so off to quest I go!

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  1. Congratulations! It seems Dice did very well in the realm firsts race afterall, scooping server first 90 priest and deathknight also!