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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lvl 90!!!! Now what to do first...

Well I finally reached lvl 90! Yay!!! I say finally, even though it is less than a week since MoP came out, my guildmates have rushed to 90 and are pretty much waiting for wednesday to raid! Being the top level I can be, and of course getting my flying mount back, (how I have missed thee!) what is there for me to do? TOO MUCH

  • Gear farm - As mentioned raids will be upon us soon enough, so got to be raid ready by wednesday - eep! Have already made a good start on doing heroics with some help from guildies, so that should set me up nicely!
  • Dailies/Reputation grinds - So many new reputation grinds and I'm sad to see that you can not get tabards to assist you in getting this elusive rep! /GASP! I'll have to actually grind it like the good ol' days. 
  • Finish levelling professions - I have already finished my Fishing, Archaeology, First Aid, Enchanting and Tailoring, but my Cooking skill seems to be taking forever!!! Definately need to have a couple of hours fishing to catch this one up!
A couple of other things I need to keep my eyes on are the normal auction house and the all new black market auction house. Now since I have been checking the black market AH, I think from around Wednesday/Thursday night perhaps, I have seen the Ellwyn Lamb and Phoenix Hatchling on there for 10k a piece. Some may say that they are rare and nice that they are up for sale, but I'm hoping for something a little more special to come up soon - /begforspectralkitten! That would be amazing, but god knows what the price would be, probably 100k+ which I do not have! I have been able to pick up a Spirit of Summer from the normal auction house, which I was very very pleased with, never got the chance to get from the Midsummer festival back in the day, so that's been a highlight this week! Along side my lovely spirit of summer, I was given two of the new kite pets by my guildie, Miami - Thankyouuuuu! Boosts my collection <3 PLUS! I /love the crane kite! Very very nice!

What are my next goals for the next couple of days? Definately going to hope I get this little fella!

Another of my guildies featured here! He got this little cutey from an 'Ominous Seed' whilst tending to his farm, so I'm hoping I will get him soon!! I also hope to pick up where I left off with my Pet Battling, but I think raiding may get in the way of these goals ;)

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