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Monday, 8 July 2013

Is buying in-game character upgrades a good idea or a bad idea?

Hey all,

I have just been reading that one of Blizzard community managers, CM Zarhymn has confirmed that Blizzard are looking into ways of adding a way for players to purchase items from their store to assist them in game, and the focus being on an experience enhancing potion, the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom. No details of it actually being added to the game are available, so price and actual availability in certain regions are all being speculated. The BBC have also reported about it.

I can see good and bad points to this possible idea from Blizz, the good side (for them) being another place to get cash from, which obviously a company has to do, they need fresh ideas to continue growth. The bad side I feel is possibly not one shared by everyone, but if you get this item, and rush through all the quests/zones/expansions, you wouldn't really have a clue what was going on in the game, with regards to story and also the time to take to learn your new characters abilities to be able to decently play when you hit maximum level. This notion is entirely based on a new account/new player or someone who has switched faction, in my opinion, its like trying the game out for the first time with the change of quests etc.

For those veteran players, then I agree that for a few pounds/euros/dollars, you could level an alt very VERY quickly and then be able to get back to the end game content. So that would work out nicely, and I might even be tempted if this is the case. On the BBC news article it mentions having to be in control of a level 85 character or above, not sure if they are trying to possibly get the players they lost back by doing this so they would skip most of Pandaria questing, but they may also be looking into the new expansion and getting people to continue to play if they can somehow make them level faster and get to end game content to keep them interested. If thats the case, the expectation for more content patches would be greater due to rushing the game.

I have bought pets and mounts from the blizz store, and although these things are nice, they don't exactly boost or change the way you would play or level by having them, they are vanity items, so I'm sort of sitting on the fence for this magical elixir. I know Diablo already has the real money auction house, so technically Blizz have already gone there, it was only a matter of time before it came over to WoW also.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad Idea?

Let's hope we hear more about it in the near future.



  1. I am divided on this. I think that it's an opportunity for non raiders to get good gear and that's fine, coz it sucks that you can't do good damage in say, brawlers, coz you cant' raid.

    On the other hand.. more money sucking is ugh.

    1. Indeed, I think it literally does come down to Blizzard having another way to get as much cash outta people as possible :(

  2. I can see pros and cons regarding this new in-game store. I'm happy with the store as it is and haver personally purchased mounts & pets from it - but like you say these are vanity items. I think adding game changing items is a different matter.
    With regards to the Elixir, from what I've read & heard it seems that its aimed at the Asian gaming region. I can understand why its aimed at this market with the pay-by-hour system they have. Not to mention if it's an effort to reduce the numbers of people getting ill from gaming binges!

    1. Can see your point with regards to the gaming binges and I suppose those of the market who work many hours a week, they could stil enjoy the game with the exp boost. Still divided, hope we hear more on it soon.

  3. Definitely divided. I tend to believe in a level playing field approach where everything important, i.e. not cosmetic can be obtained through game play rather than cash.