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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

News, News and More News!

In my last post, I mentioned that I would take some time to look over the latest news from MMO, Wowinsider and WarcraftPets and what I might expect to see in game soon, and just wow.. I have missed alot! Some of this news might well be very old news to most, but I thought I would go through some of the key info that stood out to me.

2013 Arena Pass

When I first saw this I thought, OH NO PVP!??! Unfortunately my pvp skills are extremely poor at the best of times, how was I supposed to win 50 matches to claim the pet reward??! Thankfully, it states you have the participate in 50 matches, so lose 50 matches and gain a pet! Huzzah! \o/ Will be looking for some players to team up with and get this done, I've always loved the Murkimus murloc pet, so getting the chance to add him to my collection is amazing. I'm kind of annoyed you have to pay for it, but nevermind, where the pets are, my money seems to go! Will register soon.

Pet Battle changes/updates

So pleased to read that they are changing the pet battle 30 second timer for if your opponent is either afk or lagging or just simply trying to waste your time. I have had this happen countless times and it really really gets annoying fast. So basically they are changing it so that the round timer gets progressively shorter if the opponent takes longer than 15 seconds to keep making their move. Fantastic news and a big thumbs up from me.

Throne of Thunder pet drops will also be changed, so that not only can you get them on a standard roll, they are also for bonus rolls too. This is for raid finder difficulty only, but still a good change imo.

How does Severiti the Crazy Cat Lady sound? Pretty damn amazing, and very very true for me irl as I love my cats and blizz are making it an in game title for collecting 20 different kinds of cat pets. Currently sitting on 19/20 if the ones needed for the achievement stay the same, so no problems there!

New Pets Alert!

New pets have been datamined; Essence of Yu'lon, Essence of Niuzao and Essence of Chi-ji but most importantly Aspect of Xuen! I've seen these little cuties hanging around in Kun'lai and been desperate to my get hands on it! Thankyou Blizzard!! These seem to be rewards or items purchased from a new event called the Tournament of Celestials - looking forward to reading more about this.

A new Darkmoon Faire boss has been datamined, currently called Moonfang, and drops a smaller version of itself called Moon Moon. Very cute!

I found this video showing animations and tooltips for some of the pets mentioned above.

Included in this video is Pierre, so are we finally going to get to own this little guy? I'm unsure what to believe, as a few sites have conflicting information. I'm not going to get too excited incase they pull him again.

Glyph of Feathers

Finally you don't have to be discipline specced to gain little wings - Woohoo!

Siege of Orgrimmar

Seriously cannot wait to slice Garrosh in the face! He has always been so annoying so this look into the raid from MMO was nice to see.

Sky Golem!

This looks amazing! I really will need to start levelling my hunter again so I can continue with levelling engineering to get this amazing mount!

So many new goodies and changes incoming, looking very very good indeed!



  1. I'm super excited about the new pets and the Sky Golem :D

  2. I really hope we get Pierre this time!