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Thursday, 27 June 2013

I is BACK!

Hey everyone!

I am officially back from my holiday in Gran Canaria, and WOW it was so amazing! Gorgeous hotel, amazing food, but most of all I got to spend a solid 2 weeks with my boyfriend which was so lovely :D

Now I'm back, I must get down to business concerning WoW and what I intend to do asap;

1. Qiraji Guardling - NEED to get my Zookeeper title, I'm hoping most of the campers will have swiped one of these pets by now, haven't had a chance to read up on how the spawn rates seem to be and if there have been any problems with it actually spawning, but heading over the Silithus as soon as my add ons are all updated.

2. Blossoming Ancient store pet - Currently logging into my battlenet account to get this little beauty!

3. Raiding with Leashes Part 2 - I have to pick up where I left off and hopefully will have a little better luck with the drop rates /pawsandclawscrossed

4. Get my ass over to MMO - Looking forward to all the news and upcoming updates/patch news! Will take me a while to go through all of that I bet!

This will definately keep me busy for a while!