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Thursday, 24 January 2013

What's your daily ritual when you first log in for the day?

Hey guys,

I have just tidied up my desk from the clutter which is post it notes containing reminders of things I need to do on WoW, either for achievements or for my blog. It got me thinking of how everyone would go about starting the day, before they get into the dailies, pvp, pet battles, whatever you do for most of the day.

If you could post on your blog with this posts title, could be a mini community event from me!

  1. Check my three servers bank alts - have to check if anything has sold, but more importantly, whats for sale on that server, hate the thought of missing any bargains!
  2. Check my three servers Black Market Auction houses - again, I would kick myself if I missed something amazing.
  3. Log my Priest - she is parked in Icecrown most of the time so I have a quick fly around checking for whelpy, and then hearth to do my cloth and shard  cooldown and then its back to Icecrown.
  4. Log my Death Knight - Also check Icecrown for the elusive whelp.
  5. Finally start my day - Get to work on those dailies!



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  2. Lemme try that one again! Thanks for the topic starter. I think I might need to cut mine back. Answered over at

  3. comment fail, sorry for the spam. No dash in that there URL.

  4. No probs about the spam! I've done that myself plenty of times on peoples comments. Thanks for taking part :D I thought I was pushing it having 5 bullet points, you have 7! :O!