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Sunday, 13 January 2013

For the Alliance?

Hey all,

As you can see from previous screenshots on my blog, my main character is a Blood Elf. I have recently given up raiding on her and I'm struggling as to what to do on her. Sure the pet battling is still fun, but I don't have any other goals for gear etc until 5.2 hits. In a previous post I mentioned I have been leveling my very enjoyable Worgen Deathknight on another server and finally hit 90 - yay! It was great to be able to get the achievement Double Agent and to finally begin gearing her in heroics. My good friend Ryyus helped out enormously with some crafted gear so I could go straight off to heroics for some tanking practice and I'm loving it! I think for now I have so much to focus on for gearing her, that my priest may have to be benched for a little while.

I love having level 90 characters on two servers as each auction house will have its own little treasures. For example there was a Bananas for sale today on Stormreavers auction house for 70k, which to be honest, I thought was fair, if I hadn't already got this pet, I would be scrambling the money together right now! Beats paying £35-40 on ebay any day.

There's also the Black Market auction house to consider, two servers = two sets of treats! Hopefully this will pay off and I will see a Spectral Kitten or Ethereal Trader up there soon. I have missed the Dragon Kite pet twice from the bmah, so third time lucky on that would be nice too!


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