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Thursday, 24 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 3

3. What were the first techniques/tricks/tips you used when starting out?

I'm assuming this means when starting out to make money and not starting a fresh character.

I have taken the time to look closely at my characters professions, and to see what is actually available to me. My level 90 characters are my priest, who is a tailor/enchanter and my deathknight who is a miner/jewelcrafter. Looking firstly into my priest, her daily cooldowns include converting 5 ethereal shards into a Sha Crystal and also the Imperial Silk cooldown. So theres a crystal each day, and another piece of cloth, sure the cloth is BoP, but the chance of the pets and then having enough cloth to make BoE epics or bags, big bucks to be made there. Secondly my deathknight, of course if I see a vein, I go for it, so doing my dailies I get approx 10+ stacks of Ghost Iron Ore, and if I'm lucky, some Trillium ore. Prospecting those to get crystals to make Serpents Eyes and crafting gems for the auction house is a nice little earner. Then theres the daily research which gives me a new recipe which is always nice, and then the extra gems to pop on the auction house. Depending on which gems you get, could be 150g+ or could be 30g. So those are a start to save me from hard core grinding.

I have recently posted about my transmog adventures, looking for new gear sets to make my deathknight look epic, and whilst doing my hunting, the money from killing the bosses, the items they drop and just general greys/cloth/greens/raidpets are a great money maker. A few hours work for a few thousand gold potentially - don't mind if I do!


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