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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 9

9.What's your favourite niche market & why?

No big surprises here, but has to be companion/battle pets, really the only part of the market I'm comfortable with for now, and it's so varied which is always fun to log into each day and see who is trying to sell which pet and for how much, usually quite funny prices. For example, I sold a Black Tabby Cat for 3k and the person who bought it upgraded it to a blue quality pet and has it on for 35k now, good luck to them, but not sure it's going to happen :(

Another market I have slightly dabbled in would be the transmog market, I am constantly checking the look of any greens I get from drops, to see if 1. I would consider it for any of my characters enough to buy it on the auction house if it was on and 2. Even if its not transmog worthy, would the stats help someone leveling - especially leather pieces for all those monks out there. I have been running alot of TBC dungeons for plate transmog and I collect alot of greens this way, so its a good learning curve to check out how well the market is on my server. The main tip I've picked up is, if its a quite revealing piece of gear, chances are it will sell. Naughty people on my server it seems!

With these two markets alone, I am kept pretty busy on my bank alt, so who knows where I will branch out to next :)


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  1. I've wondered about caging/selling pets...might have to look into that since I do have some duplicates.