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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Goodbye Vashj

Hello Stormreaver!

Hey guys! Hope you've all recovered from new years eve!

For a few weeks now, our guild has been struggling to get all raids going due to the build up the christmas, but also we could not even recruit new players as our server,Vashj, was way too quiet to get anyone. So a decision was made to transfer. The idea of going alliance also came up but only 1-2 people were really looking to go that route. The result in the end was the stay horde, keep the guild name, and move to the server Stormreaver! A good choice as it was still a PVP server, and is 'Medium' popularity on most good days. So far its nice to actually see others in Orgrimmar and
see things on the auction house!

I took as much of my bank alt's items as I could so I could make some cash as soon as I tranferred, and within a couple of hours I had made just under 5k gold. Sadly I haven't got any of my other alts there, as to be honest, I thought £15 was pretty steep for a transfer to begin with, so now I'm a little stuck on how to raise funds. Will hopefully correct this soon!

Sadly its been rather quiet on the Scourged Whelpling front, I have been looking I swear! They do not want to come home with me! :< My theory that I previously mentioned in my last post concerning killing the other catchable pets in the area to help spawn new ones is much more difficult in Icecrown, firstly the lack of wild pets doesn't help! The only other pet in Icecrown I have found so far are cockroaches and they are pretty spread out. So I have to just hope I hit a lucky time when they all spawn.

I did however get a Cogblade Raptor pet from Blade's Edge Mountains! HE'S SO CUTE! Honestly didn't think I would love it as much as I do. He is getting levelled asap with the next batch of level 1 pets on my list. I also started the Argent Tournament dailies on my alliance deathknight, so hoping to add the alliance squire to my collection asap.

Back to Icecrown!


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