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Monday, 7 January 2013

No news

is good news? Yes sometimes, but in this case no!

Hey peeps,

Been 5 days since I posted anything and between being busy and having with no luck with new pets, leveling any of my alts, or just an achievement of some sort, its hard to come up with something to ramble about!

So this post, just so you all know I'm still here, is some screenies I have collected over the months that I thought were funny or just a bit odd that I had to screenshot it! Enjoy...

On my hunt for the Minfernal, my hero Immolatus appeared many times!

Lobster Sign in Krasarang!

Many deaths at the Dark Portal

We were really hungry in this particular raid!

The creepiest tea party.. EVER (The birds are cute though)

My first Uldum pet battle, love the views!

Me chillin' with Vol'jin!

Current pet total: 499!