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Friday, 25 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 4

4. Do you use a banker alt/guild? When did you start doing that & why?

 I have always used a bank alt, for both quick access to an auction house, to buy or sell and storing my precious materials! While I was on Vashj- EU, I had my own guild so I could have the guild bank tabs, which were super tidy and had the tabs named for each profession the mats were for. I have to have a tidy bank, on any character - period. Can't stand a messy bank. When I moved my priest to Stormreaver in December 2012, I had to re-create this which was a bit of a pain, but finally got signatures for my guild, and <ING Direct:> was born! It was amazing how many bank names were already taken, couldn't have HSBC, Natwest, Halifax, LloydsTSB or Barclays. It's too essential to me personally to have a place to store things, as I would hate to sell my materials, and then the next day realise I needed those and then pay more than what I sold them for the previous day!

I still need to create a bank guild on Ghostlands-EU, my alt has frostweave bags so at least I can store a good amount of items, but that is no competition for the guild bank tabs.

I was also advised that for my bank character, a Monk would be amazing due to the Roll ability at level 5, a quicker way to move around, so my two latest guild bank characters have been Monks!


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