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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 2

2. If you set yourself a goal, what was your goal & at what point did you set it?

Well I haven't set myself any gold making goals, as of yet! I'm planning on setting myself a goal after completing this community event, not entirely sure on how much gold the target will be and how much time I will give myself to make it, but really want to see if I can do it! Will be a true test to see if I could make it as a gold farmer haha!

I suppose I do have a goal, like everyone else, to make as much gold as possible but to continue bidding on mounts and pets and general shinies on the black market auction house. Those trading card game items are too good to pass up and will ultimately save me dipping into real life 'gold' funds!



  1. I'm yet to purchase any TCG loot but there are items I want. I often look on the AH & BMAH to compare prices etc. But it really is a good inspiration to make gold :)

  2. I have bought a fair few of the cards on ebay, and to be honest at the time of purchase I was getting a great deal, for example I bought my Hippogryph Hatchling which was around £45-55 n the other buy it nows, and mine cost me £27 - Some may say WHAT £27 on a pet?! Could have easily been £50 though, thats my reason anyway!!!