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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The transmog hunt begins!

With maxing my valor points for the week, and wanting to do something fun, I decided to browse through my Atlasloot to see which old content raids drop some lovely bulky plate gear for my DK to get spruced up, and wow! there's a hell of a lot of choice. When you haven't been back to some of these raids for literally years, it amazing re-visiting the bosses which took you weeks to get close to killing, and in under 2 minutes, swoop in and kill it. This week, I have cleared Naxxramas, The Eye, Serpentshrine, Hyjal, Sartharion, Onyxia, Magtheridon, Black Temple, Trial of the Crusader and Gruul's Lair. I cleared Naxx, Magtheridon, Hyjal, Trial of the Crusader and Gruul's on my own, but had help for the others. Hopefully with some gear upgrades later down the road, I can hold my own and dps a little better to solo them in the future.

So what was up for grabs?

Naxxramas - Obviously want the tier pieces, its one of the only sets that the helmet actually looks alright on a worgen, in my opinion! Also Slayer of the Lifeless, Death's Bite and Torment of the Banished. Sure, Slayer and Torment are only 1handers, but they look too cool! Might want to go Frost and dual wield as an offspec some day. I did manage to get 1 tier token, the Claymore of Ancient Power and the pet from Loatheb, so not a great haul in the tier aspect, but nevertheless, I can solo the whole place in around 1.5hours, maybes a bit less, so besides looking for loot, the money I get from the bosses and cloth/greens/stuff is always helpful.

The Eye - Sadly Deathknights didn't exist back in TBC, so I have no tier sets to aim for in any of those raids, however, re-coloured warrior and paladin tier drops are definately a must! So far I've managed to get Fel-Steel Warhelm from here, the other drops I am hoping for are; Royal Gauntlets of Silvermoon, Twinblade of the Phoenix and Greaves of the Bloodwarder. Wouldn't say no to the mount either! With the increase in drop percent, I should have it soon enough.

Serpentshrine - Hope to get Glowing Breastplate of Truth, Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel, World Breaker and Glorious Gauntlets of Crestfall from here! Already picked up Krakken-Heart Breastplate and Pauldrons of the Wardancer for my re-coloured warrior set.

Hyjal - Only three items from here, Blood-Stained Pauldrons, Cataclysms Edge and Legguards of Endless Rage.

Gruul's Lair - Would love the Hammer of the Naaru mace from the first boss, amazing looks to it.

Black Temple - The top two items would of course be Glaives, but realistically any plate and any weapons that drop in BT looks AMAZING, especially Crown of Empowered Fate - Tiara! All your plate belong to me.

Magtheridon/Onyxia/Sartharion - Mainly wanted the bags to upgrade my 20slotters to 22s. I did manage to also get my tier gloves and some plate legs from Sarth which match the tier though! Hoping to try 3 drakes next week in 25man to get the mount, would be nice indeed.

Trial of the Crusader - Wasn't technically planning to go here (sort of forgot it existed..) but I have started up the Argent Tournament dailies to get my alliance squire 'pet' and thought I'd give it a go. The items look really nice from here! So any of the weapons but be lovely, not terribly bothered though, was just nice to do and say I solo-ed it!

Long story short, I got 3 of the main pieces I wanted to get the recoloured warrior t5 set, sure its green, but it makes me look mean! Hope to get the remaining pieces next week.

Definately want to try and make this a regular thing I do each week, and DEFINATELY need to increase my bank storage space.



  1. Wow, you have had a busy week. Grats on the pieces you've picked up already and good luck getting the rest.

  2. Yep been an extremely busy bee, all reset now so away I goooooo!