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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I never noticed that before...

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't posted a non 20 days of Gold making post in a while, but I was looking through my screenshots last night and had to post these shots I took. I distinctly remember taking them as the title suggests, I have never noticed the details until now:

Mrs.Yeti with a pink bow in her hair

The ceiling in Karazhan in the Opera room with Orc Cherubs on

How funny does the onyxia mount look at this angle!
Gnome for sale at Breanni's Pet Shop!

Fish bike in Shrine of Seven Stars!

Love the Karazhan ceiling, alot of detail for something not necessarily noticed so much, that's why Blizz are so good <3



  1. I agree, love that shot of the ceiling.

  2. I love the lil gnomeee in Breanni's pet shop :)

  3. These are all awesome!
    I have never seen that bike before and it rocks.
    Your poor onyxia mount looks like my very unhappy kitty after a bath lol!