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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 1

Hey all!

I was browsing through my blog roll and happened to see Jojo from AdmiringAzeroth posted her response to a great community event from Nev over at Auction House Addict so I had to participate! The title is 20 days of Gold Making and the questions per day are brilliant, they really get your thinking about certain aspects of your 'gold making' and auction house playing.

So here is my Day 1!

1. When did you start your gold making & what triggered it?

I have always been a bit of a looter, when it comes to questing/leveling, I never leave a thing behind, I would rather go to the vendor 10 times and make 1g than bin the items I pick up, but that wasn't initially me thinking "I must keep these to make gold!" was just what I did, so I guess that was technically when I started gold making. I can't really say I've ever thought 'Today I will make 10k gold' although would be a nice challenge some day!

Obviously as you level, you want gear upgrades, mounts/pets, the next flying skill level, even materials for to boost your profession skill, all of these which cost gold, and the higher you level the more gold it costs, so just day to day in Azeroth, you need some sort of income to keep ontop of things. Also the new Black Market Auction House, I spent 52k on obtaining my Rocket Chicken pet, and that was months ago, I have only just managed to get that money back. I have also seen the Dragon Kite on the bmah twice, sadly missed out due to lack of funds so these hard to get pets are definately the triggers for me to be making gold to make sure I can be in the bidding war to get them.


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