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Thursday, 8 August 2013

World Cat Day!

Today is officially World Cat Day! (Yes it's actually a thing!)

I am a cat owner. I have my two girlies, Jess and Lola, and I do class them as my babies and spoil them rotten!

Left to right: Lola and Jess (Jess is sooo smiley!)

Since becoming a cat owner 2 years ago, I feel I've become more aware of cat and animal charities and when deciding who to take my charity items to, it now gets divided between cancer research and our local animal charities and I hope World Cat Day brings some much needed attention to animal charities everywhere!

So why am I posting about World Cat Day on a World of Warcraft Blog? Well what better day is there than this to get my Worgen Druid made and levelled to join many many kitty druids on our special day! :D

THE best /dance ever!
Purple eyes <3
I was amazed to see you now get Cat Form at level 6, but was thankful I didn't have to trek on through to get to level 20, just incase I didn't make it for today. I love the Worgen Druid cat form, and hope to test out the many fur colours when I get to a main city.

Happy World Cat Day everyone! /purr

Kaitz, Jess and Lola ~


  1. Your cats are adorable. Once we're sorted from tomorrow's move, we're thinking about getting a rescue cat. We both love animals and a dog is out of the question with the hours we work.

    1. Aww that would be great! Our two were from a rescue centre, we only wanted one cat but when both were there, we couldn't say no :) You must post pics if you decide to get one :)

  2. What a gorgeous smile for gorgeous cats!
    My current kitties will turn 11 this year. Never had a day in my life where I haven't had a cat. Couldn't imagine life without one :)

    1. Awww cute! Nice to have had cats around you all your life! I had birds when I was younger, so having cats was a nice change \o/