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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Weekly Goals: 7/08-13/08

 Hey everyone!

My WoWing goals for last week were as follows;

Hunter to level 80
Priest to level 90
5 more pets leveled to 25
Run TK
Run ZG at least 3 times
Darkmoon Faire trainer defeated every day

So have I met this weeks goals? 3 out of 6 aint so bad right? :<

My hunter is now level 78, a little short of my level 80 goal, but thats not really too bad. I've had enough of the Wrath content and looking forward to getting Cataclysm content out of the way to be honest too, no doubt will be saying the same when I hit Pandaria, I should probably just be saying "Can I be level 90 already?"

Really love having a Draenei character again and of course my lovely pet, Fluffling, by my side once more. Back in Vanilla WoW days, my main character was a Night Elf Hunter and Fluffling would sometimes play the part of tank in our 5man dungeons. The good old days!

Fluffling really got a face full there...

My priest is level 90! Double huzzah! To be honest levelling her was very fast, but I leveled her mainly via pet battling so having constant rested exp probably helped a fair bit, but it got her levelled and got my PVP win count up. I'm only 88 wins away from the super cute Stunted Direhorn pet. I got 460 ilvl thanks to some friends helping with some heroics, pointing me in the direction of some tailoring gloves on the auction house and converting Justice to Honor, that gave me the last little boost to get me to Mogu'shan Vaults. If all that wasn't enough, I somehow got valor capped too! Good times!

 A total of 4 new pets have been leveled to 25 this week; Ethereal Trader, Tundra Penguin, Crimson Shale Spider and Chrominus. I had planned to also get my Crawling Claw leveled, but sadly has fallen short of lvl 25, and is stuck at lvl 15. He is top priority next week though. I hope to achieve my 5 new lvl 25's next week for sure!

I managed to do Tempest Keep, 4 runs in ZG and cleared the Serpentshrine pet drop bosses and managed to acquire...nothing. I did go to BWL also on my priest in the hope for some Transcendance gear for some lovely transmogging to match my newly aquired Robe of Faith, which I have the BMAH to thank for. Luckily the shoulders dropped, the piece I was hoping for the most :> Teamed with Benediction, I can't go wrong. Retro WoW transmogging ftw!

I'm hoping for a little more luck in the other raids next week. As a guild, and some twitter friends, we managed to go to Firelands and Bastion of Twilight also this week, so that was a nice change and had lots of fun on Mumble too! Hope we continue these fun runs.

The darkmoon faire seemed to come and go pretty fast this month, and I only managed to challenge Jeremy 4 times. Next month I hope to see him every day.

What does next week hold in store for my lady wolf? Well if I can at least make some progress on last weeks 50% completion of tasks, then I'll be one happy Worgen!

5 more pets to level 25
Upgrade at least 5 pets from uncommon to rare quality
Grind the last remaing 800-900 marks for the Sumprush Rodent
Get archaeology to maximum level
 My Hunter leveled to 83

I'm really hoping the pet trainers are gonna be kind when they come to give out Flawless pet stones! /beg


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