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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

This week's roundup

Hey everyone!

I want to kick start a new blogging habit to reflect on what I've done over the past week with regards to any of my characters, and what I plan to achieve before the next reset.

What have I been up to?

This week, 31/07 - 07/08, I have been jumping between my level 89 Priest alt and my level 68 Hunter. My priest I am just leveling via pet battles, and she is 42% into 89, the experience is insane. Hope to continue that next week. Brilliantly, my Hunter is now level 75, thanks to some very helpful boosts from Dan and Hannah! Thankies muchly for those! Bring on level 80 asap.

Alongside the leveling, I have been gaining some point in Engineering, slowly but surely, getting ever closer to being ready for when Pierre is available to make. Currently onto Saronite level, so a tad higher than where I'm supposed to be leveling, oops! Cobalt can't come in wrong, especially at the prices its fetching on the auction house.

Other than alt hopping, I have been going to transmog/fun runs of old school raids, doing my weekly TK run and having no luck with the mount, again. One day I'll be able to post that I own it, hopefully one day this next week! ;D Also went to ZG a couple of times, and no joy with the mounts there either. Will have to check the drop %'s again, I could be in for a long grind with these.

With regards to my pet collection, I can't not mention my latest addition again, (I'm sorry but I'm excited!) but I managed to get an Ethereal Soul Trader pet, which I plan to get to level 25 asap. He is currently level 20 so not far to go at all. It would also be nice to try and replace some of my uncommon pets to rares also, I've kind of let that slide so I need to get back on track and boost my warcraftpets score some. The next pets on my to get list are definately the Tiny carps, so far I only have the green one, so will be scouring the forums at Warcraftpets for some trades me thinks! I have 7 TCG pets incoming from Ebay, so Gusting Grimoire's will be available for trading very very soon.

Goals for next week

Hunter to level 80
Priest to level 90
5 more pets levelled to 25
Run TK
Run ZG at least 3 times
Darkmoon Faire trainer defeated every day

I'm not sure how my work schedule will effect my goals this week, hopefully I should be able to achieve most, if not all of these by next Tuesday. Only time will tell ;)


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