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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hit the ground running

That's exactly how I feel since coming back to play WoW after my moving out break.

I am quite a competitive person, and when Warcraftpets tell me I am 7th on my server for my pet collection, I refuse to accept! I took a good long look at which pets I needed and which I could get my hands on as soon as possible and thankfully I have added another 3 to my collection since yesterday.

I completely missed the Christmas event this year so couldn't pick up my own Rotten Helper. A friend from my old guild traded me one in exchange for a lend of some of my cat pets to help him get his crazy cat man title.

I also totally missed the introduction of the in game blizzard store so when I discovered that and saw the Alterac brew pup was available, my mouse malfunctioned and accidentally bought one.

My third and final pet comes from hours of reacquainting myself with the Celestial Tournament and the lack of my little battle note book (currently on my old desk at home!). I could not remember which pets I used for which trainers, so that took some time and the patience of a saint.. but I was rewarded with Xu-fu! I only need Yu'la to complete my celestial pet set now!

I have noticed the EU store is back up and running for actual items again, which means the Gryphon and Wyvern plushies are available. I must resist these though, they are quite pricey, so definitely have to join the 'to buy some time soon' pile along with the new D3 expansion landing in March. I must have the treasure goblin pet! I get so excited when I spot them on D3 so having my own would be amazing.

The next pets I have my eyes on drop from the rares on the Timeless Isle, so alot of camping and praying seems to be in store for me.